Dennis plays a lot of his own music, as well as an eclectic mixture of traditional music, sea shanties, and some some covers that you probably love and don't often hear.  You can also buy the albums here, and they're also available for download and stream on Spotify, Amazon, Bandcamp, and all the usual outlets.


A collection of new songs coming in 2021!


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Here's an interesting one:  Dennis pulled a bunch of musician friends (who normally play their own original music) together for a one-night-only performance of Grateful Dead music.  Here's the last 30 minutes of the 2nd set and double encore... it was hot! 

Dennis O'Hagan & Company


Dennis @ Georgia Beer Co.
New Orleans, Fall 2020
Pensacola Bay Brewing, Pensacola FL
Elation Brewing Summer 2020
Summer Tour 2020 Poster
San Antonio, TX 2020
Benchtop, Norfolk VA 2019
Austin, TX 2020
Alamo Beer, San Antonio TX
New Orleans, Fall 2020
Sierra Nevada, Asheville NC 2019
Land Grant Brewing, Columbus 2020
Grainworks, Cincinnati OH 2019
New Orleans, Fall 2020
Brick & Mortar, Suffolk VA
Second Line, New Orleans LA
Dennis @ VA Beach, 9/13/19
St. Paddy's Day, Cincinnati OH
Taylor case, post Spring Tour '19
Promo image, 2018
No idea... some festival somewhere
Southgate House, Newport KY
Ancient City Brewing, St. Augustine FL
Promo image, 2018
St. Paddy's Day, Cincinnati OH

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Promo image, 2018