One thing you learn when touring craft breweries around the country is that most breweries started as someone's dream, and then there's a wildly interesting story about how they became reality.

Some started with a home brewer whose fanbase kept growing, some grew out of a brewmaster who worked for another brewery and decided to branch out on his own.   Some grew out of a pack of drinking buddies, others are family affairs.  Often there is a mission behind the brewery... sustainability, or keeping a certain ancient tradition alive.

Whatever the story, they are usually fascinating, and told by some of the best people you're apt to find.  I get to hear these stories when I play at the brewery and meet these folks, but it occurred to me that these stories should be shared.  They're not only interesting to beer lovers, but inspirational to anyone who loves a good success story.

The new podcast will interview these folks along the tour, so you can hear their stories as they tell them.

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