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Hopkinsville Brewing Brings Fantastic Local Beer To Rural Kentucky

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

This is an archived copy of what was originally posted on Facebook.

Tonight i played Hopkinsville Brewing Co in Hopkinsville, Ky... which is near the TN border, Land Between the Lakes, and the Army's Ft Campbell. I think we're more or less due north of Nashville. My GPS got a little confused, which made me a little nervous, but it led to a scenic ride on backroads, which my car is made for, so all good. The brewery has a very cozy feel... a patio, and smaller tasting space downstairs, but then theres a really cool, more expanive space upstairs. The space is designed for community, lots of board games, etc throughout.


Hopkinsville Brewing Company - Hopkinsville, KY

Beer is sold primarily at the taproom, but also on tap at some regional restaurants.

Played: 8/17/18


I played outside, which was a little toasty, but closer to the Fall would be real sweet. Anyway, on to the brews: Although they had 8-10 brews on tap, ranging from pilsners to stouts, I stuck to 3... 2 of which were barkeeper Gavin's favorites, and then a coffee blonde... because Im a sucker for coffee brews. Gavin's top recommendation was A Man Named Vail, which was an exceptionally refreshing barrell-aged pilsner. WHUH??? Yep, a barrell aged pilsner. With the heat, i found this pour extremely refreshing... so much more interesting than just a pilsner. It had a nice body, unusual flavor due to barrel aging, yet still drank easy like a pilsner. A home run, especially for hot weather. I enjoyed it before my set, and craved it afterwards (and boy did it hit the spot).

Gavin's second tip was the KY Barn Smoked Porter. Another well balanced, yet definitely smokey, Porter. Not overly smoked, which is important with these.... it drank well without seeming like you were sucking it through a charred log. Gavin also said its awesome in chili, which i totally buy because i could picture it while sipping.

My pick was the Obadiah Richards Coffee Blonde Pilsber. In recent weeks Ive had excellent coffee stouts, porters, lagers, ales, and now pilsner. It was well balanced and delicious... the coffee flavor robust and delicious without a funky aftertaste. That said, I think i prefer the coffee with a little more weight.... i think the coffee brown ale I sampled last week is still my favorite.... ir had a creaminess that works so well with the coffee flavor.

The folks at Hopkinsville Brewing Company were as friendly and cool as could be. Kate and her staff were awesome and welcoming.... definitely hope to run into them again. The crowd was cool as well... met a couple from outside of Boston, named O'Hagan of all things. who were really cool.... never expected to hear a Boston dialect in this part of Kentucky of all places! I should have asked them to say wicked pissa for old times sake, but I didnt....

So if you ever find youself north of Nashville on I-69, take the extra jog over to Hopkinsville for a few pints. Well worth the trip. Oh, and Bill Monroe's birthplace isnt too far away. I passed it on the way in. Onward to Glasgow.....

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