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2nd Annual Memorial Day Weekend


3 days of music, breweries, and camping

Asheville, NC

FRI MAY 22 - SAT MAY 23 - SUN MAY 24


Camping Info

For info, please answer just a few questions so we have a good idea of your preferences:

  • Is camping gear (tents, etc.) provided?"
    No, you'll need to bring your own gear. That said, if you forget something minor it's a friendly crowd and chances are someone can help you out.
  • Are dogs allowed?
    Each of the breweries that we'll officially visit do allow dogs. Obviously they must be socially friendly and well behaved. However, we'd encourage you to think about whether you'd really want to bring your dog. A few things to consider: there will be a lot of strangers, and possibly other dogs, at camp... possibly up late into the night. In addition to our official brewery activities, there are lots of other shops, restaurants, galleries, and other breweries in the area, so consider whether traveling with your dog will be condusive with how you want to spend your free time. OTOH, there's lots of great hiking, etc. in the area... so if your dog is well behaved we're happy to have him along.
  • Are children allowed?
    No. While we're sure your kids are among the best on the planet, the reality is that this is an event for adults to kick back and have a fun weekend, and obviously alcoholic beverages are a part of that. Additionally, the latenight campfire scene can get pretty festive, and go late into the night, so we just don't want to have to deal curb any of that to make it child-appropriate. This would, however, be an AWESOME holiday weekend for the rugrats to be spoiled by their grandparents....
  • What's the deal with food?
    Everyone brings their own for the campfire scene (and there's usually a lot sharing). Camping snacks and foods that can be easily grilled are recommended. Also, don't forget juices and whatever you like to eat in the mornings before heading out. And bring lots of bottled water. Keep in mind Asheville has TONS of great food options. Some of the breweries serve food (Sierra Nevada's is awesome!) and others allow you to bring in your own, or from their neighbors they partner with. As the weekend approaches they may offer us special deals on food, and if so we'll obviously let you know ASAP.
  • What does this shindig cost?
    Camping costs will be determined by how many of us there are (for group rates) and the kind of accomodations we desire. Please fill out the Info on this site to let us know how many people will be in your party, and what kind of arrangements you'd prefer (camping, cabin, etc.) and we will be putting out pricing details and taking reservations ASAP. Please note that this is a holiday weekend, so especially with camping we need to nail down our plans ASAP, so if you're interested let us know NOW, so we can nail down the details ASAP, and we'll all benefit. Outside of the camping fees, it's up to you. What do you want to eat, and how much beer will you drink? Last year was not expensive at all.... tent/van camping was around $25 per night
  • What is your crowd like?
    Last year was our first year, and it was a ton of fun. The participants ranged in age from mid-20s to 50ish, mostly (but not all) couples. The scene around the campfire was a lot of fun, but nothing too crazy... obviously we were respectful of the others camping nearby. That said, think lots of tasty beer and grilled food and smores and such, and pretty much non-stop laughter. Everyone from last year has indicated they'll be doing it again this year, and bringing others. Interest among new people is also high, so it'll be another great time! Asheville is an amazing destination, and the vibe is perfect for this sort of party. The breweries are all very excited about the concept and eager to host us. If you dig discovering great beer and food, in one of America's most scenic mountain communities, like to meet new like-minded good people, and have a good sense of humor and like to joke around, you'll be right at home here. And if you like to play a little music, all the better!
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