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Almost Home: An Afternoon Stop At Platform Beer Co.

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

This is an archive copy of what was originally posted on Facebook.

Woke up early Saturday in Buffalo and hit the road for Columbus, OH. The OSU/Purdue game had been pushed from the afternoon to a 7:30 start time, so my sets at Platform Beer Co - Columbus got moved from after the game to before. Ya never know what to expect from an afternoon show, but it probably turned out for the best, as OSU lost so a post-game show might've been a bit somber.

Platform Beer Co. has a brewery and taproom in Cleveland, this one in Columbus, and soon will have a coffee and coffee-infused beers only location in Cincinnati's OTR area. The Columbus facility is a sizable beer hall type layout a stone's trow from the Ohio State cambus, near the Short North Arts District. As you can see in the photos below, their beer menu is pretty huge, and is a combination of beers brewed at their various locations. As I was in Columbus, I focused primarily on their Columbus-brewed options.


Platform Beer Co. - Columbus, OH (also in Cleveland, Cincinnati)

Platform Beer Co. products can be found at grocery stores and craft bottle shops throughout Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New York City, Connecticut and New Jersey.

Played: 10/20/18


Earlier in the day they had just tapped their new Sunrise At Dusk Imperial Plum Berliner Weiss (7.8%), so I started with that. The pour was a little lighter in color than plum, perhaps more like a rose, and hazy... like a Berry Blast Naked Juice... but wow, so much more satisfying and refreshing! A slight sourness on the intake, then a little fruitiness and a finish like a dry champagne (and carbonated lightly like one as well), but with a little creaminess to the body (not like milky... just a bit of substance to the body) and a slightly sour finish. Quite great!

During my sets I sipped the Perfectly Awkward American IPA (6.9%). The funny story behind this one is that it was originally intended to be a Session ale, but during the brewing the ABV kept rising, and it was evidently intent on becoming an American IPA, with a bolder hops flavor and some bitterness in there. A respectable IPA in a crowded field.

My final pint of the afternoon was the Crop Top West Coast IPA (6.5%). This was a nice medium bodied Autumn IPA for the hops lover, drawing from Simcoe, Centennial, Cascade and Citra hops. Touches of orange and apricot tones, and a little maltiness created an overall citrusy sweetness, packaged in an orange hazy pour. A satisfying drink to end on, and one I'd return to.

Matt and the rest of the guys manning the bar were very friendly and knowledgeable about the brews, and for a Saturday afternoon w/out an OSU game they had a big crowd the whole time I was there. I should also mention food is provided via a rotating cast of food trucks, and much of the crowd seemed to be enjoying various activities like board games, darts, etc... so a fun place to hang for the afternoon!

This show concluded the first half of the Fall Tour, and after running all over New England, New York, and back to Ohio I'm ready for some down time! The Fall Tour continues Nov 2 back in Columbus at Zaftig Brewing Co....

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