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Yancey's Delivers the Goods After Only a Few Weeks of Operation

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

This is an archived copy of what was originally posted on Facebook.

Last night's stop was at Yancey’s Gastropub & Brewery in Glasgow, KY. It's a prime location right in town's central circle, and I was shocked to learn they just opened weeks ago (they seem more established). Nice big room on the street level, and a huge loft is planned for upstairs, which will make this place pretty enormous. Currently 5 brews on tap, and a mighty impressive line up of bourbons (Glasgow is about a half hour south of the Bourbon Trail). Bourbon makes me a sloppy mess, so I stuck with beer.

I should also mention that Yancey's has a proper stage, with mood lighting, etc... so that was nice. Fun crowd of locals across all age groups, and many knew their music... based not only on the crowd's enthusiastic participation and attentiveness while I played, but also some very interesting conversation before and after. Naturally, the girls who danced throughout most of my set vanished before I was done...


Yancey's Gastropub & Brewery - Glasgow, KY

Brews only available at the taproom.

Played: 8/18/18


Anyhoo, the brews.... I asked Chris, the brewmeister who happened to be tending bar when I arrived for his recommendations, and he directed me to their Brittle Stem Stout. A great pour... a rich creamy head combined with the body and color could easily mistake if for a Guinness, but with what many Guinness critics might consider to be a desired upgrade: they ran it w/CO2, so it had that bit of crispness that some think Guiness is lacking. Great flavor, smooth finish, but that crispness made it very drinkable (as in, repeated drinks) without seeming flat or milky... yet it was still unquestionably a stout. Nicely done!

I moved next to a pint of Brown Ale, which I only realized this morning was made by White Squirrel Brewing in Bowling Green (I assumed it was Yancey's). Coming immediately after the stout it first disappointed me, but after a few sips I realized that was just the abrupt switch, and by a few sips in I found it to be a decent brown ale. I remember thinking it could use a little more body, especially if consumed in the Fall or Winter, but for a hot August day it was a very drinkable brown ale. A little nutty, but not obnoxiously so.

Finally, when the night was almost over I wanted to sample one more of Yancey's brews, and I was directed to their Lawnmower brew, which I was told is their lightest beer and designed for the customer who was dragged in but prefers Bud or Coors Light. Good God, I thought, a voluntary comparision to Coors Light??? <insert Coors Light/canoeing joke here> Anyway, thankfully, they were selling themselves WAY short, and Lawnmower was actually a very refreshing light cream ale. A bit more body than an "american" lager, and a slight hint of floral or citrus gave it much more flavor than the earlier comparisons. I originally guessed light lager, but brewmeister Chris said technically cream ale was more accurate. After 3 hours of playing on a hot night, it was a perfect pint to cap of the night... I wondered if it was named Lawnmower because it hits like a beer that would be wildly satisfying after cutting the grass on a hot humid day? Maybe they'll answer below, it's just a guess.

Kudos to Jeff, Chris, and the staff for doing such a great job of pulling this place together so well so quickly. The food, BTW, looked awesome, but I did not partake. Worth the visit to Glasgow!

Next stop, Centerpoint Brewing in Indianapolis....

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